In honor of the just completed New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, I’ve assembled the following ingredients to help you rock your favorite social media gumbo!


Types of oh sooo delicious gumbo! Let’s see there’s ..

Seafood Gumbo
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Gumbo File
Squirrel or Rabbit gumbo
Turkey gumbo
Okra gumbo
Crab gumbo

Bonnie Raitt 2004
Here are my number one social media tips. A social media gumbo if you will ..Bozogumbo320

Combine a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you’re bound to get a big “where yat”! If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to become an expert at all the major social media platforms, you might consider this approach instead. To start, take what you consider to be the best tip (notice it’s NOT plural) for each of your favorite social networks and begin to implement them at your own pace, whether that’s one a day or one a week. Once you’ve covered your number one tip simply move on to your number two best tip, number three best tip, etc. and before you know it you’ll have consumed the whole bowl of social media gumbo .. yummmmmmmm! Ok, let’s get cookin!


300 million registered users

Number One Tip

Profile picture of YOU! Not your avatar, not your company logo, not your dog, not your favorite cartoon character, not your favorite quote and NEVER a blank avatar! You’re not a cartoon, a blank, a zero, a nothing … come on, be YOU and your main ingredient is guaranteed to be 100% unique!


1 billion + registered users

Number One Tip

Think social first and selling second. Develop a real relationship with your Facebook social network before trying to convert them to customers.


70 million + registered users

Number One Tip

Bigger IS better on Pinterest. The length is not as critical as the width. Try to use images that are a minimum 735 pixels wide so they fill the entire pin container.


974 million registered users

Number One Tip

If you want all of your followers to see your tweet in their stream, you MUST start a tweet with a character and not an @username. Confession – I stole this ingredient from @HubSpot
So there you have my personal social media gumbo recipe. What’s your social media gumbo recipe for your number one social media tips? You may very well even have different main ingredients. Just add your own spice and flavors and develop your own social media gumbo.

Secret Ingredient: the one secret ingredient that no one else has is YOU! So put your own personality into your social media gumbo.