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Free Content Marketing Ebooks – 8 free eBooks covering a wide range of content marketing scenarios.

Formstack Free Ebooks to improve your FORM conversions.

Hubspot 2019 Sales Guides and Templates Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs free guides and templates including email templates, sales call checklists, prospecting guides, sales forecasting templates, and more.

Portent Plug and Play Content Strategy ebook How to identify, understand, clarify , define and produce the right content for the right audience.

TrendKite Free Ebooks – All about PR trends, strategy and analytics.

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free content Tools


BuzzSumo Content Analyzer Enter your keyword or topic and get a list of the 10 most engaging content posts.

CloudBerry Backup Backup your Windows, Mac or Linux computer with the freeware version that includes a flexible scheduler and retention policies.

CloudBerry Explorer Manage your files in the cloud with a user friendly Windows Explorer style interface. Freeware version comes with full support for Server Side Encryption, Lifecycle rules, Amazon CloudFront, Bucket Policies and more.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Windows remote control and file sharing.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer You’ll need to give up your email address but the analyzer is quite good, reporting on character and word length, common vs uncommon words and emotional value.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer Paste in your headline, select your category and let the EMV Headline Analyzer score your headline.

Hubspot Free Content Marketing Certification Course

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Are your headlines below or above average? See if your headline is engaging and what impression it’s conveying.

Web Page Word Counter Simply drop in a url, click Count Words, and get the word count as well as the keyword density of the page.

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free content Storage


Amazon AWS Free Tier Includes 5GB of Amazon S3 free storage.

Dropbox Basic Includes 2GB of free storage.

Google Drive 15 GB of free storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

MediaFire 50 GB of free storage.

MEGA 50 GB of free storage.

Microsoft OneDrive 5 GB of free storage.

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free content Fonts


geomanistbeautiful simplicity

free font download regular & italic

pay what you want for the complete font family

Frontage Outline – Frontage loves color and is

suitable for headlines and logotypes

free frontage outline font

Butler – a modern serif typeface – free for both personal and commercial use

butler free serif font


Ocean Six Bold handmade display typeface. True Type font.

ocean six free true type font


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free content Generators (ideas & title)


Blog Title Generator Get suggestions, titles and other creative blogging topics with Blog Title Generator!

Content Row Headline Generator Enter a subject to get blog title ideas.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator Add 5 nouns, click and get a weeks worth of blog and article headlines.

Portent Content Idea Generator Enter your subject and instantly generate sexy headlines.

Quandry Content Idea Generator Answer questions via a form, submit and get several hundred ideas for content and article titles.

SEMrush Content Idea Generator Enter your keyword or phrase and click Search. Then click Go to Topic Research and click Get Content Ideas. You’ll need to sign up for a free SEMrush account if you don’t already have one. Once logged in, you’ll not only get ideas from live competitor urls, but results can be sorted by total Facebook engagements, backlinks and total shares.

The Blog Post Ideas Generator Just click a button to get generic random content ideas.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator Enter your keyword or phrase, submit and get dozens of possible titles.

PRO TIP: Once you have used the above generators to gather your best possible titles, further refine your choices using the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer and the Headline Analyzer to find those candidates with the highest emotional value score. These are your top picks to start testing with your live content.

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