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SEO [Search Engine Optimization] – If your website is not optimized for search, you are sacrificing a significant portion of your online business to your competition. Using only strict white hat SEO, we can help you promote your website to your target market and improve your bottom line. Click to view pdf

seo search-engine-optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is the foundation for your online business

Your website is the anchor for your online business. If you properly structure and optimize your site, search engines will reward you by ranking your site in the search results. If you fail to optimize your website structure and your content, then when your prospects search for the products and/or services that you offer, your website will not be found. Numerous studies have shown the bulk of clicks and conversions go to the first page of results in Google, Bing and Yahoo. By properly structuring your website and optimizing your content, we can help you get your website found, reach your target market and help boost your bottom line. SEO consistently delivers the highest number of leads (94%) compared to social media (85%), emails (79%), and blogs (68%). Studies also show the level of SEO being conducted by businesses is directly proportional to their conversion rates. Basic SEO delivers only a 2% conversion rate while more advanced SEO delivers a 10% average conversion rate. We employ only white hat SEO methodology that adheres to Google’s increasingly strict SEO guidelines. Fast results that disappear just as fast as a result of SEO agencies employing black hat techniques are short sighted and can take months to repair and recover. It’s just not worth it and not necessary.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What We Do

SEO On-Page - Local Research and Analysis

Once upon a time not too long ago creating thousands of backlinks could get you on the first page of Google. That was then and the new reality is you need to change your focus to quality content structured for a great user experience. We’ll build your site for maximum user enjoyment.

Page Specific Research and Analysis

Each page can help or hurt your ability to promote your content. Properly optimizing your page content requires thorough research and analysis. We’ll make sure that your page content is properly configured and optimized to reach it’s intended target

Google Business Profile Opimization

The quickest and simplest method to promote your content on page one of Google is to ensure that your business appears in the local search results maps which appears at the top of select local search. Further your Google Business Profile must be optimized to it’s maximum potential. If your offer can benefit from local search, we’ll make sure your Google Business Profile is tuned and optimized for peak performance.

Analytics and Webmasters

If your online efforts are not tested and tracked then your leaving your success to chance. We’ll provide certainty by testing and tracking your efforts so you’ll know exactly how your progressing in your online endeavors.

Local Listing Intake and Creation

Local listings – citations – establish your business as real and your level of authority as real. Maximizing your local citation building will not be left to chance as we’ll ensure your business is listed in the most relevant directories both vertical and horizontal.

Reporting and Auditing

Timely reports and diligent auditing will ensure you never have wonder what’s happening, you’ll know. We’ll provide the auditing and reporting that any sound business should expect.

SEO and Local On-Page Optimization

The trend is pretty clear in that providing relevant and beneficial content to your targeted audience is the new SEO optimization. Presenting that in a manner that encourages the Google bot to not just index your content but to present it to their ranking algorithm in the most advantageous light can mean the difference between first page or lost in the index. We’ll make sure your content is optimized for maximum ranking potential.

Website Backup and Security

Never leave your hard earned efforts to the whim of mishaps and hackers. These two linchpins of online asset protection need to be an integral part of a systematic approach to protecting your online business. We’ll keep your site updated with proper security and backups.

Off Page Content Generation

Your story around the web brings traffic to your online business. Creating magnetic content and distributing it to key locations on the web is critical to exposing your business to the maximum number of targeted prospects as well as building authority for your brand. We’ll make sure that your content is optimized for maximum distribution and maximum effect.

XML Sitemaps

Properly mapping your site not only provides a convenient method for your visitors to quickly zero in on their interest but also presents your content in a manner that the search engines expect. We’ll make sure your sitemaps are accurate and attractive.

Video/Audio Content Marketing

Prospects have different preferences for how they consume information. We’ll create and optimize your content for both video and audio in addition to text/pdf and web html. More formats equal wider consumption which equals more opportunity for your business.

Analytics and Webmaster Tracking

We’ll integrate your analytics and webmaster settings for optimal tracking and reporting. The difference between knowing what’s happening versus guessing is setting up your traffic tracking and analysis and then taking action based on a careful analytical approach.

If your serious about huge results from online marketing, you won’t get there taking baby steps. The biggest risk for your business is doing nothing or just a little. The business is there waiting on you but you have to as the saying goes – go big or go home.

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