A great way to promote your business is by using a press release. A press release can bring attention to your product or service, drive traffic to your website or blog and add to your sites search engine rankings by providing links back to your site or blog. Focus your press release on your intended audience by focusing on the benefits to your audience not on the features or qualities of your business. Make sure the information in the press release is relevant to the reader.

Use an attention grabbing headline but one that’s not focused on “selling”. You can use keywords in your press release that people actually use when searching for your business but never stuff your release with keywords – less is more. For example, use your primary keyword in the title of your press release and a couple different secondary keywords in the body of the release – one in the first paragraph and one towards the end. Never sacrifice human readability just to include your keywords. Work them into your release in a natural flowing way. Remember, your telling a short story so make it interesting, inject your personality into your story but don’t overdue!

Here’s a partial list of free press release sites. Check them out before submitting and remember to focus on quality over quantity. Read their guidelines and DON’T SPAM. Also consider some of the paid press release services for major news releases as they carry more weight and allow for additional features.

Free Press Release Services

Editors manually review and approve each press release to ensure it has significant content, meets formatting and grammatical standards, and is newsworthy.

An online news and press release distribution service for small and medium-sized businesses and corporate communications.

PressAbout.com is a Free Press Release Distribution service in the form of a blog.

Currently distributes press releases through email subscriptions, news and search engines, the PressMethod.com website, and the unique PressMethod CPM distribution network.

PR-inside.com is a website for the free submission of public relations distribution, news, and press releases.

Free press release distribution with ad-support

Distributes to sites like Google News with more distribution with upgrades

Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts.

Allows for free distribution to sites and search engines, premium membership differs only slightly in adding in graphics.

All the usual free distribution tools, premium service includes logo, product picture and more.

Not only will they distribute your press releases, but you can also set up a full company profile.

Ad supported press distribution site.

Completely free distribution to search engines, news sites, and blogs.

Not only distributes your release, but attempts to teach you how to write one, and even offers downloadable samples for you to work with.

Free distribution to Google News and other search engines.

Allows a maximum of 3 “Self-Serving” Links/URLs, active or inactive, in your press release. A “Self-Serving” Link/URL is a link/URL to a website that you own, control or has an interest in.