Pinterest Marketing and Design

Visual Brand Exposure
Pinterest Marketing and Design
We’ll create your Pinterest account, optimize your profile, brand your content and pin for optimized backlinks to your website. Pinterest is known to drive traffic from a clientele that is in a higher income bracket.

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Pinterest Setup and Design

SMO Profile Creation, Design and Optimization

Pinterest Setup

  • Pinterest Account Creation and Optimization
  • Branded Content Writing for Pinterest Profile
  • Pinterest Profile Information Population

Website Social Integration and Analytics

  • Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website and Blog
  • Social Media Analytics Installation – Google Analytics via Website

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest Marketing Activities

  • Pinterest Board Creation
  • Pinterest Photo Pinning (photo uploading)
  • Backlink Building with Photo Pinning
  • Pinterest Follow Profiles

Reporting and Auditing

  • Internal Report Auditing and Analysis
  • Work Reports
  • Social Media Analytics

Number of People Posting Product Pins Per Day - 2 Million.

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