LinkedIn Marketing and Design

LinkedIn Optimization
Linkedin Marketing and Design
With the number of LinkedIn users approaching 280 million, LinkedIn is by far the largest B2B social network. We’ll optimize your LinkedIn profile and company page to reach your targeted LinkedIn users.

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LinkedIn Setup and Design

SMO Profile Creation, Design and Optimization

LinkedIn Setup

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization
  • Branded Content Writing for LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile Information Population

Website Social Integration and Analytics

  • Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website and Blog
  • Social Media Analytics Installation – Google Analytics via Website

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Service Activities

  • LinkedIn Updates
  • Backlink Building from Discussions
  • Backlink Building from Updates
  • LinkedIn Groups Joined

Reporting and Auditing

  • Internal Report Auditing and Analysis
  • Work Reports
  • Social Media Analytics
  • LinkedIn Discussions
  • LinkedIn Friend Acquisition

LinkedIn - The Ultimate B2B Lead Machine

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