Create Your Branded Domain Name

How to Create Your Branded Domain Name

Where to start

Always try to get the .com extension. was the first .com ever registered and the .com extension is still preferred the world over.

The first stop on the domain name search for your business is obviously the business name itself. If you can grab your exact business name, do it. Check the domain names for all major brands and you’ll mostly see, exact match domain names. You may want to take it a step further and protect your business by also grabbing the most common variations or misspellings.

To check for your business name, you can do that at any of the domain registrars, e.g.,, or

Is an exact match domain name – EMD – required. No but In practical terms, it could help IF it’s your exact business name as it will be much easier to remember. If you’re not trying for your business name but a keyword or phrase instead, it could help as long as it’s highly relevant to your business. Just be aware that an EMD for a low quality site could have an adverse affect.

At one time, owning an exact match domain name could significantly boost a ranking in the search results for a particular keyword, even if the site content was far from high quality. This was prior to September 2012, when Google launched their EMD update in an attempt to devalue websites with exact match domain names but poor quality content. For the most part this achieved it’s intended purpose, however it also had a negative ranking affect on many quality EMDs and Google later adjusted their algorithm so as not to punish legitimate domains.

If your business name is already taken, consider adding a prefix or suffix. Keep these as short as possible, e.g., and Generally speaking though, try for a suffix first as that will keep the name of your business first, easier to remember and easier to spot in search results. Although you can use hyphens, it’s not recommended as they are harder to remember and harder to type.

If you’re starting with a blank slate and in search of ideas, here are other options for your domain name search.




The problem I find with most domain name generators is that the results can be overwhelming. Many of them start with a keyword of your choice and result is a screen filled with a mass (mess?) of potential options. Almost as bad as having no idea.
Nevertheless, they may spark an idea for a name you haven’t thought of.

Get creative with your domain name search.

You would think after all these years, all the great domain names would be taken. And you would be wrong.

I scored a very cool domain name last month and found many others with great potential. I was searching for a new domain name to use as a custom shortner and while just about all the 2,3 and 4 letter combos have been played out, at the 5 and 6 character level there are still many gems waiting to be claimed. And that’s just for short domains.

I read a good article on creating memorable domain names, and this tickled the brain waves and sent me off down another rabbit hole. Now again you might assume that a really long domain name has limited value. And again you could be wrong.

You see, it just depends. I found 7 long names that could work great for anyone in the travel industry, 2 great ones in the Ecommerce niche and 2 in the copywriting niche, one which is 38 characters long!. Now think of all the niche markets and well … you get the picture. It will be a very, very long time, like never, before all domain names with great “potential” are gone.

The key, several mentioned in the article above, is to think beyond a keyword word(s). Instead put on your creative cap and go digging for buried treasure. You just might find that hidden jewel you never knew you were looking for.

Here’s how I found some cool domain names today.

They’re marketing at it’s best (or worst, for some). But if you ponder the great lines from your favorite songs, you’ll uncover a wealth of potential domain names.

A song title is the song headline, designed to grab your attention.

You may or may not remember this song
“Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu”

but you can buy for only $2,895.

and the opening lines are like sub-headlines in good copy, designed to further draw you in.

How about “Some people call me the space cowboy yeah” from the Joker by Steve Miller Band?

Well, you can buy for a mere $20,000!
Creative vision and fast action can prove very profitable.

Start with the musical storytellers.

How about Tom Waites and Bob Dylan? If you can’t find a great domain name from one of their offerings, well you just aren’t trying. Van Morrison? I found 2 possibilities in just one of his songs. They’re still available if you’ve got the vision.

Books can be another source for ideas. Book titles, sub-titles, chapter titles can all trigger ideas for a unique domain name. Just be sure to keep your ideas relative to your business, service or product.

As you’re searching, keep the following in mind.

Trademarks and domain names

A domain name could be considered, in certain instances, as part of a trademark.

You can check a domain name for a trademark at




or better yet, have a trademark attorney check.
See this article on domain name dispute resolution.

Domain name value

If you think you might have found a valuable domain name, you can get a rough idea of it’s value here Just be aware of it’s limitations (it’s based on historical data and popular words, not so much phrases). Plus it’s still labeled as Beta, so the results may not yet be finely tuned.

Especially when focusing on longer domain names, the value is more likely to be built out along with the website. Some will see the vision, many will not .. just like an old house being remodeled. Then when you’ve finished building your masterpiece, they’ll say, but of course.. how cool or why didn’t I think of that.

Just be careful of the “trap”. It’s easier to see the vision than to build it.

“Build it and they will come”, doesn’t work so well in the digital world.

So before you go scarfing up domains, right and left, think long term, turn your idea into a creative domain name, then an action plan and then do what very few will actually ever do, take action and execute, start to finish. A branded domain name will help boost your business as well as your brand.


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