Facebook: Take Control of Your News Feed

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Facebook: Take Control of Your News Feed

How to Control Your Facebook News Feed

Even if your business relies on Facebook, the first order of business for your business should be to minimize distractions. Even if you’re only on Facebook for non-business reasons, it’s surprising how many complain about what they see in their newsfeed, yet they don’t bother to take advantage of the newsfeed filters that do exist. Following are some simple steps to gaining greater control over the distractions in your newsfeed.

1. Adjust your Facebook Newsfeed Preferences

Facebook news feed, prioritize who to see first

Click on those you want to see first in your newsfeed. When they post, they will show up at the top of your newsfeed.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of friends and pages that you’ve liked, this process may feel overwhelming. To reduce the screen clutter, you can begin by filtering these according to the options: All, Friends Only, Pages Only, People you see first.

If you want to remove someone from the “see first” list, filter by People you see first. Click on the profile pic to remove them and the star next to their pic will disappear.

unfollow people to hide their posts

If you unfollow people or pages, you will not see their posts in your newsfeed.
You will however still be able to view their profile and their posts if you browse to their profile or page.

reconnect with people you unfollowed

Self-explanatory but in case you get to missing the action, you can always reconnect.

discover pages that match your interests

The lack of a search function renders this option useless. You can simply search Facebook for the same.

see more options

Shows you a subset of pages and considering there’s no search function, pretty useless.

2. Segment your friends using lists

If you haven’t done so already, create a few custom lists.
Facebook gives you Acquaintances, Close Friends and Restricted to get started.

facebook lists

Once you have your lists created, you can use them to filter who will see your posts.
While viewing your Friends, click on the Friends button next to their avatar and add them to your desired list.

add friends to facebook custom lists

Now when you create your post, you can click on the Friends button below the post and choose who will see your post by selecting from either the Facebook built-in lists or choosing Custom to access your custom lists.

Facebook news feed, post custom audience

When you limit your post reach by segmenting, you gain control over engagement. Targeting a post to a relative segment can increase engagement. Segmenting your posts also allows you a certain degree of separation between personal and business posts. Note that the above applies to posts on your personal timeline. Unfortunately, all business Page posts are public and cannot be segmented.


Page Control

Although you have less control over your page’s news feed vs your profile, there are a few things you can do for greater control.

Facebook News Feed for your Page: Restrict who can post to your page and countries not in your target market.

Go to the Page > Settings > Set options for Visitor Posts as well as Country Restrictions.
Add countries outside your target market, especially those known to harbor click farms.

Face Page restrictions

You can further zero in on your target market using Age Restrictions directly below Country Restrictions.



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