How to breathe new life into your old offer

How long has it been since you took a hard look at your offer – whether it’s a product or service? Do your old promotions need updating. Rather than just assuming they still work, give them an audit and see if they still measure up. If they don’t, instead of just discarding them, revive them and bring them back to life by:

  • adding something to your offer or promotion
  • changing something about it
  • renaming it
  • redesigning the packaging
  • re-pricing
  • changing the copy
  • create a bundled package with other products/services
  • cross promote one offer/promotion with others
  • rethink your ideal prospect and retarget

Instead of putting one offer in front of your target market, place multiple offers, for example, an existing offer and two new offers. Then track the response and conversion rates, drop the losers and scale the winners. Whenever you change your offer up, be sure to track your results to create new winners out of old under or non-performing offers. When you find a winner, test it against other winners, alone and in combination. By constantly testing, changing and improving your offers you will continually improve your results.