Are you in the mobile game, executing a mobile game plan? When prospects look for your business on their smartphone or tablet, are they presented with a mobile friendly, mobile optimized result? If you can’t answer yes to these questions then one thing is certain, you’re business is losing money by not being in the mobile game. Here’s an INFOGRAPHIC that makes it perfectly clear why your business can’t afford to ignore mobile:

Why All Marketers Should Be Thinking Mobile | Develop a Mobile Game Plan
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The movement to mobile is unstoppable as society becomes increasingly mobilized and on the go. Everyone’s short on time and that means they are looking to avoid the “hassle” factor. Unless you make it super easy to do business with you regardless of how a customer enters your sales funnel and regardless of where they are at or what device they are using, you will simply fall further and further behind your competitors who ARE working to enrich the mobile experience for all their customers (some who could have been yours).

Developing your mobile game plan in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Develop a mobile friendly website. If you’re starting a new site, be sure to use a responsive design that will automatically adapt to the size of the viewing device. If you have an existing site and are reluctant to change it, then create a mobile optimized version of your full site. This mobile site can be hosted on a subdomain, e.g. In addition, you could also offer a mobile app for further engagement and an additional revenue source.

Step 2: If you are selling directly from your website, make sure your entire sales funnel including your sales page, checkout page and thank you page are mobile optimized. Also, mobile optimize your emails, opt-in pages and landing pages.

Step 3: If your market profile can benefit from text message marketing, consider implementing SMS marketing into your mobile marketing mix.

It makes no sense to throw away these dollars when the fix is so simple and affordable.

Get in the mobile game. Contact me today to create a mobile game plan for your business.