5 Ways to Optimize Your Local Brand

How to Optimize Your Visual Branding

5 Ways to Optimize Your Local Brand

If you own a local business, being easily found in Google is essential for promoting awareness of your local brand and business.

Once someone finds you via a local search, e.g. electrician Tampa, how you appear in search can be just as important.

If someone doesn’t engage with your business ( phone call, website visit, email, text message, etc.) after finding you, you may not get a second chance to capture that prospect.

Will people remember your business once they’ve encountered it online?

We’re all visual creatures by nature and the more visually appealing your local brand, the better chance that it will be remembered.

Here are 5 ways to increase engagement via a Google local search.

1. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile.

Although you need a Google account, you can use any email address you choose, not just a Gmail address.

Browse to https://www.google.com/business/ and add your business.

Once you’ve filled out your business name and address, you’ll see this additional option:

Google Service Area Business

If you deliver your goods or services to your customer and don’t have a storefront or work out of your home, you’ll want to check this option.

Google will then classify your business as a “service area business” and your service area will be displayed on Google maps instead of your address.

Be sure to fully optimize your citation by uploading as many photos (or images) and videos as possible.


In your Google Business Profile dashboard you can add a post that will be visible when your Google Business Profile listing is displayed in Google’s search results.

Use an eye-catching photo or image, add up to 300 characters to describe your post and add a button to drive traffic to

  • Book [an appointment]
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Get Offer
  • Event

Google posts last for a maximum of 7 days or in the case of events, until your event has expired.

You can add more than one post at a time, up to 10 posts, and they will be displayed in a carousel.

image used in a google post for a local brand

Done for you Google posts + Facebook + Twitter

Don’t have time or technical skills to regularly post? We’ll do it for you, hand crafted and super affordable.

2. Claim and optimize other Local Citations

The more places that feature your business NAP (name, address, phone) branded photos, images and videos, the more chances for prospects to discover your products and services.

There are many services that will distribute your citation for you, e.g. Yext, Moz Local, Brighthouse, Whitespark, et. al.).

Be ware though, not all paid services are created equal. Some of them “own” your listing in the sense that the citation will display only as long as you continue paying; stop paying and your citations (dozens, hundreds?) go away.

If you want to have a go at doing them yourself, here are some places to add your business citation.

Remember to upload your logo and the maximum number of photos, images and videos allowed.

Always brand your digital assets with your logo. Where appropriate, add a link to the relevant page or post. Even if the link is not hyperlinked, users may still type in the link directly.

TIP: If you have photos of your place of business, be sure to geo-tag them before uploading











3. Give away media assets branded with your logo, website address or business name.

You can hold a contest or just keep it simple by giving away an ebook.

Make sure your hyperlinks are live in the published pdf and also brand with your Business name and/or logo.

Charts and graphs also make good giveaways, like this chart from Hubspot.

Chart showing user preference for image ads

4. Use Instagram and Pinterest to brand your photos, images and videos.

Instagram and Pinterest are focused entirely on the visual experience, making them excellent platforms to promote your branding.

If you want to enhance your postings to these networks, set your brand apart by spinning up some catchy but relevant text for your caption to go along with your post.

And of course be sure to brand your photo/image with your logo.

example of an instagram image used for a local brand
We’re leaving good feelings behind every day.
We’d ? to leave you feeling good too. 813-909-0809

Infographics are still one of the most shared media assets and not only distribute your brand but also enable the opportunity for backlinks.

5. Repurpose your existing content into slideshows and videos.

Turn your blog posts into slideshows and post to LinkedIn and Slideshare.

Both services get indexed by Google and because Google considers them authority sites, your efforts here can result in first page ranking for your branded search terms.

Use a service like Lumen5 to turn your blog posts into videos. You can add these to your existing posts and also post them to Youtube.

You can also turn your blog posts into attractive Ebooks.

If your handy with design, you can easily create your own ebook by simply copying and pasting into MS Word or Google Docs and saving as a pdf.

Or, if you’re design or time challenged, you can use services like Beacon and Designr.

Post a link at the bottom of your post so visitors can download your pdf which is branded with your logo, brand colors and hyperlinks to your content.

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Here are even more ways to brand your local business via this infographic by customlabels.net.

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