5 Small Brand Audits to Produce Big Results

Part of the Small to Big Series
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5 Small Brand Audits to Produce Big Results

5 Small Brand Audits to Produce Big Results

Part of the Small to Big Series

brandYour brand is composed of a number of elements. Some are highly visual while others reveal themselves in various other ways. Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, you have a brand. When your client thinks of you and your product or service, what vision is conjured up in their mind? This intangible perception is as much a part of your brand as your logo. Use these small brand audits to boost your brand and your business.

1. PERCEPTION: Think of the product or service you deliver and how you can influence the perception of your brand. Focus on one thing that you can do to enhance that perception. Maybe it’s your after purchase follow-up or your first touch encounter with your prospect. Pick one small thing that you can do to leave a lasting impression of your brand.

consistentConsistency is an essential element to delivering and maintaining quality. A great experience followed by an average or below average experience may leave your prospect, client or customer confused as to what to expect when doing business with you. A confused mind naturally gravitates toward no action or a negative action.

2. CONSISTENCY: Take some time to audit the consistency of all aspects of your brand. Are your brand colors consistent? How about your tag line? Are you taking every opportunity to brand your communications, ad creatives, print publications, wherever you can implant a lasting perception of your brand? Is the customer touch experience consistent from the top of your sales funnel to the post purchase follow-up?

circle logoDo your customers perceive your business as delivering a quality product, service or experience? Improving your brand quality can have an immediate and lasting impact on your bottom line. Instead of a race to the bottom, always competing on price, consider a race to the top by increasing your existing price(s) or adding a “high-end” option. Don’t be afraid to ask for direct feedback. This is the fastest way to identify areas for improvement. If you could improve one thing that would improve the quality of your customer’s experience with your business, what would that be?

3. QUALITY: Use surveys to gather feedback on your brand quality. See if you can identify the weakest link in your brand in terms of quality. Look for small ways to imprint the perception of quality on your brand. Attention to detail is often the difference between a mediocre and a great customer impression. Resist the tendency to focus only on adding to your brand and consider subtraction as well as addition. Can you subtract any friction from your sales funnel to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience for your prospect? Removing even a small amount of friction between you and your customers and prospects will produce positive results.

ideal client personaHave you identified the ideal customer for your business? The greatest marketing strategy will still fail if it’s targeting the wrong audience. Take some time at the end of each week to consider the persona of those that engaged your business that week. Is there a pattern? Or worse is there no pattern and your business is simply attempting to be all things to all prospects?

4. PERSONA: Once you know your ideal client, consider how your brand is positioning itself to attract that target market. It’s harder to formulate those things that make up your brand if your business is trying to appeal to every market segment. Try to identify one attribute of your ideal client and then consider what small thing(s) you can do to appeal to that attribute. It could be gender focus or demographic focus or price focus. Focus on one attribute of your ideal prospect at a time until you’ve developed a complete ideal client/customer/prospect persona.

unique selling propositionWhat is it that you do best? Every business has strengths and weaknesses. With the fast pace of business today, it’s easy to drift from our core competency and find ourselves spending too much time on those areas outside our expertise. While it’s a good business practice to shore up our areas of weakness, we need to do so without losing focus on our unique selling proposition (USP), that thing which gives us our advantage in the marketplace.

5. USP: Don’t forget to audit your core strength. Once you’ve identified your unique selling proposition, a.k.a. USP, make sure your business is consistently delivering that proposition. Make it a habit to create business assets that promote your USP. From your brand colors to the friendliness of your service, to customer follow-up and support, leverage your USP to its greatest potential.

Five small brand audits that can become habits to drive your business growth forward; while your brand is all inclusive, it can be more easily built, managed and promoted by breaking it down into small but essential components which are continually audited and improved.


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