Use these 5 Tips to build a powerful LinkedIn profile.


1. Use a power picture – one of yourself that is appropriate for your business.

Never leave it blank, use an avatar or use a company logo for your LinkedIn profile. Save that for your company page. People do business with other people, not faceless companies or avatars!


2. Use a power headline – one that best describes your best skill. Include your best keyword or phrase.

Include your best keyword or keyword phrase. Make it attention grabbing and descriptive.
Inside tip: Create a swipe file by researching the headlines of LinkedIn super connectors and your top competitors. Then using them as a reference, create your own power headline.


3. Use ALL 3 of your available website links in your Contact Info section.

Select the “Other” type so you can title your link with your best keyword or keyword phrase. If you don’t have a website, use the links to your other social profiles, e.g. Facebook business page, YouTube channel, Pinterest business page or your social aggregator site like Twitter has it’s own link so no need to repeat it in your web links.


4. List your endorsable skills starting with your most important and working down to your least important.

If you have a long profile – which you should – move the endorsement section closer to the top of your LinkedIn profile, where it’s more easily seen. This makes it easier for visitors to find and endorse your skills.


5. Include one or more videos! This will help set you apart and make your profile much more interesting.

You DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE VIDEO. If you’re a natural on camera, that’s super. But if the thought of starring in your video makes you break out in a cold sweat, don’t worry as it’s not necessary at all that you be in the video. You can include one or more slide show videos that present your profile, story or professional qualifications. TIP: This is where you can also include more of your personal passions, hobbies or charitable causes. Keep these videos brief, 1 – 2 minutes maximum.

If you need someone to create one for you, I can do this for you very inexpensively. Contact me and we’ll get you an awesome promo video.


BONUS TIP: Add the Publication section to your LinkedIn profile. Publications don’t have to be novels only, they can be white papers, reports or ebooks too! If you have Honors and Awards or Patents be sure to add those as well!


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Here’s a great INFOGRAPHIC on building your LinkedIn profile by Melonie Dodaro:

How to Create a Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile