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Mobile Business Builder

Mobile Responsive Websites

A website that is built to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors is considered responsive to the mobile user experience. I provide a wide range of the best responsive WordPress themes, customized to your specifications.

Mobile Optimized Websites

You’ve got a great looking website but it’s not a responsive design so your visitors see your full website version on their mobile devices. A less than optimal experience. So what do you do? Throw out your website and start over? NO! Get a dedicated mobile optimized website. When mobile users visit your website they will automatically be redirected to your mobile optimized website. Problem solved.

FREE Website Mobile Audit Click or Call: 813-644-9717 Mobile is no longer optional, it’s a MUST. If you need a new professional website, make sure it’s WordPress responsive. If you’re happy with your existing website but it’s not mobile responsive, get a mobile optimized version of your site. If your website is not specifically targeting mobile users and devices, you’re losing business, it’s that simple.

How’s your mobile business?

  • Did you know 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site?
  • By 2013, more people will use their phones than PCS to get online.
  • There will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015.
  • 81% of users prefer mobile sites to mobile apps for researching prices.
  • 79% of users prefer mobile sites for product reviews.
  • 63% of users prefer mobile sites for purchasing.
  • 70% of users have compared product prices on their phones.
  • 65% of users have read reviews on their phone.
  • 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase.
  • 66% If I really like the brand or company, I’m disappointed if the mobile site is a bad experience.
  • 55% A frustrating experience on a website hurts my opinion of the brand overall.
  • 52% A bad mobile experience makes me less likely to engage with a company.

Source: Google, July 2012

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