Is “just create great content” a recipe for
“just more garbage”?


In the wake of Google’s Panda and Penguin smack down on SEO’d content, I’m hearing more and more “just create great content” as a way to bullet proof your site rankings. But could it be that “just create great content” is a recipe for just more garbage. I find it difficult to write mostly because I’m too slow at it. But also, I hate writing something just for the sake of writing. I just read a post that was not short by any measurement. It got tweets, Likes and plus ones. And it said … well, nothing. Nothing new or memorable for sure. In fact, I would say that it was very much like most of what is currently posted online – forgettable. Just more of it to forget. I would rather have read two short sentences that actually said something meaningful, intriguing, or thought provoking than another long post of nothingness. Yet it got “social proof” and I would bet that this long and anything but great content plus it’s social proof will get the Google love. Of all the stuff you read online, how much do you really consider “great content”? Is there a place on the web for short, brief and to the point? Would Google reward brief but memorable content vs long and forgettable content? Unfortunately, I fear not. How does an algorithm determine great content? If quantity and social proof are heavily weighted, prepare for more forgettable nothingness. Oh and my SEO content checker informs me that this post is too short! Sigh.

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