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6 Social Media websites to claim your content via Google Authorship

6 Places to Claim Your Google Authorship

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The definitive list of social properties that can be connected via Google Authorship. Hopefully this post will serve as a starting point to get you thinking about all the places where your content exists and exploring the possibility of claiming that content via Google. Content can take many forms, be it text, graphics, audio or video. In fact, many social content networks include built-in connectivity to your social networks, including Google+, making it a super easy to claim your content. NOTE: For details on how to set up authorship, check out my post Google Authorship Now let’s get started, get connected and claim your content!

* Always begin with your own website. Best practice is to always put your best content on your own blog or website FIRST.

6 social networks where you can claim Google authorship:

Here’s a video where Matt Cutts discusses Google authorship going forward:

It’s your content and you’ve worked hard to create it, so be sure to claim it and in the process establish your credibility not just with Google but with your customers and prospects. What other social networks have you found where you can connect your Google authorship? Please add them in the comments below and I will attempt to keep this list updated.

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