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Does your business have a mobile game plan?

Are you in the mobile game, executing a mobile game plan? When prospects look for your business on their smartphone or tablet, are they presented with a mobile friendly, mobile optimized result? If you can't answer yes to these questions then one thing is certain,...

A Mobile World

Mobile has exploded and continues it's upward spiral with no end in sight. Almost half of all Americans use a smartphone. If your business is not mobile optimized, you're missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on this mega trend. Mobile users demand fast functional...

A Few Good WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of a few good WordPress plugins. UPDATE: This post is really dated now and while I might still recommend some on this list, I'll be updating this post soon with all new recommendations. Some WordPress plugins duplicate each other so be selective,...

WordPress or HTML?

Here's a look at the advantages of both WordPress and static HTML for building a new website: The major advantages I can see for using WordPress would be: 1. Easier to allow others to post your content for you. 2. Easier to accommodate guest posting. 2. If you have a...

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