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In today’s competitive landscape, every business, professional, author or entrepreneur needs to “claim” their online virtual real estate in the format of social media accounts, social sharing accounts, blog accounts, online directories and press release sites.

Setup alone however requires more than mere data entry, as online profiles have evolved. Professional design work is required. Banner image creation is essential for all your online properties, not just your website. Logos need to be sized and formatted correctly.

This basic online setup is critical for every potential lead your business encounters and that makes this vital service a “no brainer” investment. If you add up the cost to put all these pieces in place, you could easily be looking at thousands of dollars. And this would be money well invested IF the results were indeed professional.

If  instead, you make the mistake of going for one of the many “automated solutions” you could do your business more harm than good. If there is one image you want to AVOID it’s for your business to be  viewed as unprofessional and “cheap”. Even worse, when you stop paying for these cheap “monthly” services, your investment disappears! You may be shocked to find that you didn’t actually own these cheap branded services, you were just “renting” them. Add up this “cheap” monthly cost year after year and suddenly “cheap” becomes very expensive RENT.

Now if you are technically and artistically inclined, you could do all this for yourself. But let’s be realistic and look at the possible hurdles:

Brand Establisher Checkj The Educational Curve: Unless you’re already well versed in online brand establishment and promotion, you’ll need to educate yourself on what’s really needed and where your priorities should be.

Brand Establisher Checkj The Technical Curve: If you’re a tech wizard, then all the technical skills to produce a high end result may not be an issue. Most business owners are NOT tech wizards.

Brand Establisher Checkj The Artistic Curve: If you’re not just an artist but also know how to translate your art talents to the digital world, then producing highend digital logos, banners and images may not be an issue. Most business owners are NOT artists.

Brand Establisher Checkj The Time Curve: Your most valuable asset is your TIME. All of the above takes time and for most DIYers, this time increases exponentially. Never make the mistake of not putting a dollar value on your TIME. It’s limited and once spent, can’t be refunded.

Brand Establisher Checkj The Results: Ok or good enough just doesn’t cut it when your competition decides to up their game and produce an outstanding branded online presence. Ask yourself this – when a prospect searches for your product or service and views you and your competition, side by side, how will you measure up? Be honest, first impressions matter. You may never get a second chance.

Brand Establisher Checkj Don’t gamble with your business when there is an alternative that is custom handcrafted (no automated machine results) and professionally produced for an affordable one-time investment (no ongoing monthly payment), one that clearly says WINNER!


Brand Establisher

Brand Establisher by Brian Alaway

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