10 Small Tasks To Produce Big SEO Results

Part of the Small to Big Series

10 Small Tasks To Produce Big SEO Results

10 Small Tasks To Produce BIG SEO Results

Part of the Small to Big Series

1. Improve a post headline

seo optimized headline

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your SEO results is to improve your headline. A great headline will get more clicks and Google has become much smarter at determining which results satisfy the intent of the searcher. Don’t forget to also update your post meta title to reflect your new headline and include your post keyword.

Use one of the following free headline analyzers to create a compelling headline:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

2. Improve a post meta description

Keep the meta description relevant to the search intent and the page content. Focus on getting the click NOT the sale. Include a call to action. Be succinct, you only have approximately 155 characters; choose them wisely.

3. Add a new image to an old post

Images paint a picture, evoke emotion and elicit a reaction. Inject new life into an old post by adding a new and compelling image. Update your image sitemap and don’t forget to promote the updated post.

4. Add a short video to your Google Business Profile

If your a local business, add a short (30 seconds or less) video to your Google Business Profile. If you’re business is national or international, add it to your brand page. Popular short videos include tips, FAQs and how to updates. These videos don’t require professional quality production, just make sure the video AND audio are clear.

5. Boost a post by adding an LSI keyword

Add LSI (latent symantic indexing, aka related) keywords to capture additional search traffic. You can use an LSI keyword generator like http://lsigraph.com/ or find your own. The easiest method is to just enter your primary keyword into Google search and as you type, a drop down box should appear showing other keywords that are popular. Google also provides their Keyword Planner tool which will reveal related keywords.

keyword planner keyword ideas

6. Pin a page or post to a social media profile

twitter pinned post

Drive more traffic to your post or page by pinning a social media post containing a link to the relevant page/post. You can easily pin a post on your Facebook page or Twitter profile stream.

7. Check Google Search Console to see which sites are linking to your site and what content their linking to. Use this as an indicator as to what type of content to create and find sites that will link to that content.

search console link analysis

8. Add a new citation

business citation nap

Citations are mentions of your business across the web. At a minimum they should contain your business name, address and phone number, commonly referred to as NAP. Citations provide backlinks to your website and work to establish your business authority. Focus on the top citation sites like Google Business Profile, Bing Places and Apple Maps to begin with but regularly add a new citation to boost your SEO. You can find citation sites here:

Top Local Citation Sources by Country

9. Add a new paragraph to an OLD post

Not all posts are evergreen when created but you can turn them evergreen by simply updating them from time to time with additional content. Even a single paragraph can trigger Google to crawl your post again, possibly giving it new life in the search results and/or new traffic when you subsequently promote it again.

10. Re-tweet and re-share existing content.

There’s no rule that says you can only promote your content when it’s first released. Generate new traffic and increase opportunities for new inbound links by continuing to promote your existing content. Couple this with the steps above to breathe new life into your existing content.


Bonus Task: Create several checklists for small tasks and schedule them as recurring tasks.


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