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WARNING! You’ve now entered the NO voodoo marketing zone!

Brian Alaway - Authority Marketing Expert We build your online business to last! No smoke and mirrors, just consistent hard work. But you don’t have to do all the designing, creating, updating, posting, tweeting, responding or engaging. We get it done for you, as much or as little of the HARD WORK that you want to offload. And you won’t have to guess what voodoo marketing we’re doing behind the scenes, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and sleep better knowing that it’s getting done, correctly and consistently! We build your online business by building your online authority. Authority marketing is the new SEO that will get prospects to choose you and through active social engagement, keep them coming back again and again. The search engines will love you but more importantly, your customers will too. Get the ultimate site audit  so you’ll know where you are and have the confidence to know where you need to go to ensure the proper foundation for your online business. We’ll build you a more professional online presence with a modern client attracting website built on the most popular business platform on the web today. One designed to build your authority and generate more leads. We’ll drive more traffic to your business by taking strategic advantage of powerful local online assets from Google, Bing, Yahoo and foursquare. We spread the word about your business through the use of paid ads which give you the fastest return on your investment when employed correctly. You will rank higher in the search engines when we structure your content and your online assets in such a way that Google and Bing naturally notice that you are the authority for your products or services. We help you to engage with your prospects, customers and clients to develop lasting relationships built on trust. Active engagement through various social media is the future of business, whether large or small. Develop a loyal following of raving fans by listening to them, giving them exactly what they want, over deliver on value and watch your profits soar. Our authority marketing systems will position you as the AUTHORITY for your prospects and customers.

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